Habarka dancing night

Experiential dinner with folk music at Habarka

Unforgettable cable car and snow groomer ride, culinary experience and folk music entertainment.

Enjoy the folk music at the unique Habarka restaurant.

  •  13., 21. end 26. March 2023

Come and enjoy a dream dinner!
The adventure starts at the very beginning with your cable car ride and arrival at the restaurant. A symphony of tastes, aromas and folk music will combine into exeptional experience in the atmospheric Habarka Restaurant at an altitude of 1287 m. Your journey back will not be less fun at all - it will be a great snow groomer ride.
The HABARKA DANCING NIGHT takes place on selected days. The event depends on the number of participants. The dinner consists of an unforgettable cable car ride, stunning night views of the Tatras, music entertainment, and a delicious culinary buffets.

Experiential dinner with folk music at Habarka

We will teach you how to cook bryndzové halušky!

The Experiential Dinner with Folk Music at Habarka also includes „halušky“ cooking workshop to try the traditional process of cooking “bryndzové halušky” (sheep cheese gnocchi).

  • All guests meet always at the Après Ski Bar Lúčky 15 minutes before the scheduled departure. The cable car from Lúčky is departing at 6:00pm. From Habarka to Lúčky you will be taken by snow groomer at 8.15pm, 8.45pm and 9.15 pm.
  • Cable car transport only from the northern side of Jasná (Biela Púť).
  • For more information, contact the client centre of Biela Púť: +421 907 88 66 44, info@jasna.sk.

Habarka dancing night, price list

Online at www.gopass.travel 65 € 47 €
Offline at Infocenter  70 € 50€

More information and booking at Infocentre Biela Púť: +421 907 88 66 44, info@jasna.sk

The booking is compulsory and it is impossible to take part in the event without booking in advance.

Additional information:

* The event will be held depending on the number of participants (The minimum number of participants is 30 and the maximum is 60).

* The price includes: a welcome drink at Apresski Lúčky,  journey up by chair lift, a dinner at Restaurant Habarka (5-course menu + welcome drink), journey down by "tatrak"

* The event will take approx. 2.5 hours. 

* The place of meeting for the dinner is at Apresski Lúčky where participants need to be at least 15 minutes before the Tatrak departure time. (Departure time 18:00, 18:30, 19:00)

* The Operator reserves the right to change the specified days and / or times for the event (service) Tatra Dinner of Experiences as well as to cancel the provision of Tatra Dinner of Experiences on certain days or all season at any time during the winter season 2021/2022 and including the day on which Tatra Dinner of Experiences is due to take place, namely until 12:00 pm of the specific day due to non-fulfilment of the minimum capacity and / or for any operational reasons.

* It is not possible to cancel the service provided by the Operator once it has been paid by the Customer. The Operator is not responsible for the costs associated with the cancellation of the service.

Cancellation Policy:

Event cancellation by the operator:

Due to cancellation of the event Tatra Dinner of Experiences by the company TMR, a.s. any client is entitled to an alternative date or a full refund for the event paid. 

Event cancellation by the customer:

Withdrawal from the contract for any reason or without giving any reason by the customer is not possible.

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