Kosodrevina - the taste of experience

Tasting dinner combined with cable car transport in a special mountain atmosphere. Plus a music programme, film screening and a museum tour.

Date: 30. 7. 2022 - Horehronie evening

Date: 26. 8. 2022 - Evening with a historic chairlift

In the summer season 2022 you have the opportunity to experience a unique sunset dinner in the beautiful Horehronie environment in the restaurant Kosodrevina 1494 m n.m., Chopok Juh. The restaurant can be conveniently taken by the A5 gondola cable car from Krupová, and the adventure in conjunction with the gastronomic experience can begin. You can look forward to traditional specialties in an unconventional version served by a top chef. 

Kosodrevina - the taste of experience - Evening with a historic chairlift

WHEN: 26. 8. 2022
WHERE: reštaurácia Kosodrevina 1494 m n.m
MEETING POINT: 17.45 Summer Bar Krupová

26. 8. 2022 will be all about the year of 1954. Visit the Von Roll chairlift museum, learn interesting facts about the era of its construction. Go back in time not only while watching historic exhibits and a themed film but also when tasting a menu based on specialities typical for 1954. Liquid delicacies of the ERB brand, i.e. beer specials will be there too, of course.



Bryndza (sheep cheese product), baked peppers, potato bread, dill
(Bryndza soup, baked pepper salad, potato bread, smoked bacon pieces)
Smoked trout, black garlic, horseradish, pancake
(“Pancake” with smoked trout, fermented garlic sauce, horseradish)
Lamb, cabbage, potato pancake, bacon
(Lamb sausage, grilled cabbage, potato pancake, smoked bacon)
Venison, blackberries, bread dumplings, cones
(Marinated venison backstrap, bread dumplings, pickled cones, blackberries)
Oil-fried cakes, bilberries, curd cheese, cream
(Oil-fried cakes, curd cheese cream, warm bilberries)

Price list

 Pre-sale price* till 14. 7. 2022Price from 14. 7. 2022
Buy adult ticket (from 12 years) online55 Eur  BUY65 Eur BUY
Buy children ticket (6-11 years) online35 Eur BUY39 Eur BUY
Buy adult ticket (from 12 years) offline55 Eur69 Eur
Buy children ticket (6-11 years) offline35 Eur45 Eur
Children up to 6 years (no food, just cablecars) online20 Eur BUY20 Eur BUY
Children up to 6 years (no food, just cablecars) offline20 Eur 20 Eur 

Večer s historickou lanovkou

Chopok Juh, Krupová - Kosodrevina

To board from the north side to Chopok, use the boarding place ZÁHRADKY.

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