Fresh Track Jasná

Enjoy the morning corduroy and a huge breakfast at Mt. Chopok.

Also in the new ski season 2023/2024, we have prepared an extremely popular product FRESH TRACK for you.


Fresh Track will provide you a special enjoyment of skiing on empty ski slopes. Go skiing before the official launch of cable cars. In addition to perfectly groomed ski trails and cable car transport, a huge breakfast at the panoramic Rotunda Restaurant directly on a ski slope at an altitude of 2,004 m. The activity is suitable for skilled skiers, who can enjoy their carving ride in the morning „manchester“.


  • each Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday depending on snow conditions.  


  • the ski slopes are selected according to snow conditions a day in advance or on the day of the Fresh Track event, if the conditions change. Clients will be informed in advance through the website.

The Fresh Track includes

  • morning skiing on perfectly groomed ski slopes from 7:15 to 9:00
  • morning coffee (7:00 - 7:30) in front of Crystal Bar
  • rich breakfast (8:30 - 9:30) after skiing at Restaurant Rotunda 2004 m.
  • Ski Rental – it is necessary to book no later than the day before skiing until 15:00; picking up skis on the specific day in individual rentals. Limited by capacity. The equipment must be returned until 10:15, if not, a full amount for rental will be charged under the valid price list

Dates: each Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday depending on snow conditions.

Breakfast will be served according to the current regulations of the Public Health Authority of the Slovak Republic. Alternatively, breakfast may be served in an outdoor area. An alternative will be an externally served breakfast.

Time Schedule

Boarding places:

Chopok Sever - Biela Púť
Chopok Juh - Krupová


  • 7:00 handover of test skis ordered in a rental shop at Biela Púť
  • 7:10 meeting with a ski guide at the boarding place Biela Púť – Priehyba (A6), getting to a place where Fresh Track takes place
  • 8:30 - 9:30 huge breakfast at Rotunda Chopok 2,004 m


  • 7:00 handover of test skis ordered in a rental shop at Krupová
  • 7:10 meeting with a ski guide at ticket offices Krupová and getting on the (A5) Krupová – Kosodrevina cable car
  • 7:25 changing for the Kosodrevina – Chopok (A2) cable car, getting to the Chopok´s northern side and joining the group*
  • 8:30 - 9:30 huge breakfast at Rotunda Chopok 2004 m n.m.

*In case of unfavourable weather skiing will be carried out on the Chopok´s southern side and the cable car Krupová – Kosodrevina (A5) will be used.

Price List


  Price Age category Purchase
Online sale 69€ All age categories
Ticket office 79€ All age categories Client center at resort
Surcharge for daily ski pass 35€ All age categories Client center at resort
Fresh Track Season pass 1190€ All age categories Client center at resort



Purchase of the product

Chopok North

  • Infocentre Jasná Biela Púť - at least 1 day in advance until 15:00

Chopok South

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