Friday night ski tour 2022/2023

Unforgettable ski touring experience under the cloak of darkness

Our Friday night ski tour offers a unique ski touring experience on ski pistes after dark. In addition to perfectly prepared rented equipment and a great guide/instructor, the price includes refreshment in the Crystal bar. The activity is ideal for beginners who find ski touring attractive but haven’t had the courage to try it yet as well as for more experienced fans who don’t want to miss a great night ski touring adventure.


  • every Friday from 4:30pm to 7:00pm until 12.3.2022


  • Biela púť - Brhliská


  •  from 39 €/person

The Friday night ski tour includes:

  • equipment renting at RENTAL BIELA PÚŤ
    • booking required at least one day in advance until 3:00pm – by online FORM or by phone: +421 911 389 476
    • advance payment required one day before until 8:00pm – at RENTAL BIELA PÚŤ
  • refreshment at the Crystal bar Biela púť
  • dates: every Friday depending on snow conditions and the number of participants
  • The minimum number of participants required per tour is 10.
  • To stay safe, please follow the instructions of the Ski Patrol and your guide/instructor.
  • Refreshment will be served based on the current rules determined by the Public Health Authority of the Slovak Republic. Serving outdoors is the alternative option.

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