Visitors arriving from the southern side of Mt Chopok (Horehronie region) can enjoy their way up Mt Chopok (2024 m.a.s.l.) in two modern cabin lifts running from the valley station Krupová.   At Kosodrevina you can change to a cabin cable car up to Mt Chopok (2024 m.a.s.l.).  Horehronie is a region where you can take a breath and relax! Beautiful long valleys, stunning scenery, clean air, and a peaceful atmosphere are all around. It is ideal environment for summer hiking along a number of interesting hiking trails. If you are not attracted to tourism and just want to enjoy the magic of nature, visit a panoramic restaurant Rotunda which, in addition to a gastronomic experience, offers great views from its interior and terrace where the must-see statue of Dragon Damian is placed. It is magical! There is a copper bell hidden in a throat of one of the dragon's heads, and when you ring it, you will summon happiness!  

At the Kosodrevina boarding station, adventure hunters can rent a mountain cart and try an adrenaline-fueled descent from Kosodrevina to Krupová. The track is 2600 m long and designed for people over 12 years.

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