Super-fast transport from Biela Púť to Priehyba

New in the 2022/23 ski season

A new cable car A6 between Biela Púť and Priehyba will be the biggest new hit of the 2022/23 winter season in Jasná and will make the transport of skiers between the popular locality of Biela Púť and Priehyba considerably faster and easier. Transport on the route will take only 4 minutes, which is 5 times faster than the original combination of the B3 chairlift and Twinliner! This will shorten the waiting times in Biela Púť and Koliesko noticeably. We hope the new cable car will improve the quality of skiing in Jasná and guarantee world-class comfort to skiers. Jasná is the best skiing choice!

Technical parameters of the Biela Púť – Priehyba cable car A6

Transport duration4 minutes
Transport capacity2,800 passengers/hour
Total length933 m
Vertical drop230 m
Transport speed6,0 m/s
Number of cabins25


Visualisation of the Biela Púť – Priehyba cable ca

Fotografie z výstavby lanovky Biela Púť - Priehyba

Snowmaking system expansion

In the 2022/23 winter season, the snow cover guarantee in Jasná will improve thanks to the expanded snowmaking system on the northern side of Mt Chopok on the Slalom piste (350 metres). New 15 snowmaking points will enhance the quality of skiing in this resort section. In addition, a new pumping station should increase the snowmaking capacity by 30% and a new connecting pipe between Otupné and Lúčky will make the snowmaking process on the pistes of Turistická and Lúčky faster.

Reopening of the C6 Zadné Dereše ski lift

The legendary C6 Zadné Dereše ski lift will be operating again in the 2022/23 winter season, which will increase the resort transport capacity by 720 passengers/hour. The capacity in the resort will be spread better and the lift might be available also on windy days on the southern resort side. The Zadné Dereše, Tatrapoma H210 lift was built in 1981, is very long and surmounts a big vertical drop. After a five-year break, the lift underwent extensive renovation this summer and can be opened again to offer skiing on an attractive piste as well as in freeride terrain.

Lifts and slopes operation.

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