Ski touring in Jasná

Jasná supports all winter sports that make people happy.

It offers beautiful ski touring trails that you are welcome to enjoy. Please respect all related instructions to avoid injuries and to experience unforgettable adventures in Jasná.



1.Everybody performs ski touring uphill and downhill at their own risk and responsibility. Every ski tourer who enters forbidden zones, doesn’t respect closures, doesn’t respect the opening times of the resort, the rules of the National Park of the Low Tatras and instructions of the Mountain Rescue Service is responsible for their behaviour and its consequences. 
2. Uphill ski touring has to be performed along marked ski touring lanes in the resort or in defined ski touring zones based on the rules of the National Park of the Low Tatras. It is crucial to watch the traffic on the ski pistes so that ski tourers don’t endanger themselves or others. 
3. It is especially crucial to pay attention before summits (piste drops), narrowed sections, steep sections, in icy terrain, when crossing pistes and to avoid crossing blind corners. 
4. The speed when ski touring uphill as well as downhill has to be adapted to one’s skills, the snow conditions, the weather, the environment as well as the traffic on the slopes. 
5. Before cableways in the resort start to operate and after they close, it is forbidden to enter any ski touring trails, ski pistes and ski trails due to a high risk of injury caused by snow gun cables and snow groomers, mainly those with winch cables! The consequences might be fatal! 
6. Please pay attention to mountain dangers, especially the avalanche danger and avoid ski touring when avalanches are expected. Before setting out for a ski tour, please check the latest avalanche danger. 
7. Ski touring can be performed only if there is enough snow so that plants and soil are not damaged. 
8. It is important to respect wild animals as these are disturbed by ski touring. 
9. It is forbidden to enter ski pistes and trails together with a dog. 
10. Ski touring trails are located in the territory of the National Park of the Low Tatras, which means all visitors must respect the Rules of the National Park of the Low Tatras and the instructions of the Mountain Rescue Service. 
11. Every ski piste user is obliged to follow the Piste rules of the Jasná Nízke Tatry mountain resort, which are published on: 
12. By using ski touring trails and trail sections, every ski tourer undertakes to follow these rules and the instructions of authorised staff members. In the case of any violation of these rules, authorised staff members are entitled to inform ski tourers about these rules and ask them to respect them. In the case of serious, constant or repeated violation of these rules, authorised staff members are entitled to prevent the respective ski tourers from using marked ski touring trails and trail sections in the resort.

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